Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil -Make Your Own (DIY)

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Recipe For Essential Oil

Essential oils are powerful when it comes to healing and relaxation. Helichrysum Italicum has been used for centuries to promote well-being and relaxation, as well as treatment for respiratory problems and skin conditions. The oil can also be used in aromatherapy treatments. Helichrysum italicum essential oil is great for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s also great for improving your sleep quality. The oil can be used to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema as well as relieve headaches.

Essential oils are a type of extract that is formed from the steam distillation of plants, herbs, and other natural sources. They have a variety of uses in cooking, feed, and beauty products, as well as in aromatherapy. However, they can also be used for medicinal purposes by aromatherapy practitioners. Essential oils are powerful when it comes to healing and relaxation.

How To Make Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil

For centuries, Helichrysum Italicum has been used to promote feelings of well-being and relaxation. Today, you can make your own essential oil by following these simple steps:

  1. Collect the helichrysum flowers. If the flowers are in bloom, you can pick them right away; if they are not in bloom, you can purchase them pre-picked from a health food store or online.
  2. Remove the petals from the flowers using a hand chopper or a sharp knife. Do not cut into the stem or root of the flower – just the petals.
  3. Put the petals and any stems in a glass jar with a lid. Pour about 80% of the oil distilling equipment (such as a still or boiling pot) into the jar, filling it to within an inch of the top with flowers and leaves. Add just enough hot water to cover everything. Place on low heat and simmer for 1-2 hours, until all of the plant material has been distilled.
  4. Allow the oil to cool before pouring it into small bottles or containers.
  5. Store in a cool, dark place.

Benefits Of Using Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil

Helichrysum italicum essential oil is a potent anti-inflammatory and has been used for centuries to treat respiratory problems, skin conditions, and headaches. Additionally, it is believed to be beneficial for a wide range of other health concerns. Here are five reasons why you should add this oil to your personal aromatherapy arsenal:

  • Helichrysum italicum essential oil can help improve respiratory health. It is thought to be helpful in relieving congestion andainsiastic coughing, as well as reducing the severity of asthma attacks.
  • Helichrysum italicum essential oil is also effective in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It helps to soothe and protect the skin from inflammation while providing relief from itching and pain.
  • Additionally, helichrysum italicum essential oil can be used to relieve headaches, both chronic and acute. It has been shown to be effective in reducing the intensity and duration of headaches as well as relieving neck pain and tension headaches.
  • Finally, helichrysum italicum essential oil is known to promote a healthy immune system. It has been shown to help reduce inflammation throughout the body, including in the

How To Use Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few essential oil bottles sitting around your house that you never use. Maybe you’ve got some lavender, lemon, or tea tree oil in there that you picked up at a health store. But what about helichrysum? This amazing oil is great for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression, and it’s also great for improving your sleep quality. Here’s how to use helichrysum essential oil:

  1. First, make sure that you have the proper equipment. You’ll need a dropper, a glass bottle with a lid, and some cotton balls.
  2. Next, add 1-2 drops of helichrysum essential oil to the cotton balls.
  3. Next, put the cotton balls inside the glass bottle.
  4. Finally, screw on the lid and give the bottle a shake.


If you’re looking to add a little bit of fragrance to your life, helichrysum italicum essential oil is a great option. Not only does it have a light, floral scent that is perfect for day or night occasions, but it’s also safe to use around the house. Plus, making your own essential oil means you know exactly what’s in it and can customize the scents to fit your needs and preferences. Have fun creating your very own blend!

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